Children and young people at risk and local and regional initiatives to reduce national inequalities
and promote social inclusion

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Testimonials from our students and teachers


Glad I chose to participate in this project , although at first I had reservations and thought it would be boring and I will lose time. In the activities of professional counseling opportunities we have identified and understood my role in choosing school educational and career paths that suit me better.

— Andreea C

When I joined this project, little did I know about how helpful the project would turn out to be.  With time, I started seeing the benefits. I now believe the programme could be very useful for any student with little or no financial and material possibilities. As far as I am concencerned, without this project, there would be no additional tutoring or paid private lessons, since I have a difficult situation in the family.

— Vasilica Georgiana C.

Taking part in this project proves to be an important step in my carreer. Regarding my education path, it will help me pass the Baccalaureate exam by giving me the tools to succeed, self-evaluation opportunities and the chance to re-evaluate my career plans. It made me realize that planning ahead matters.

— Alexandra I.

From my point of view, this project has given me many opportunities: to work thoroughly with my students, to better know and understand their expectations, to earn their trust and really to know them,  and also, to my joy, to give them the chance of a better life. I say this with great joy, as I saw them becoming more friendly and open-minded, more relaxed and self-confident and also less vulnerable to the risk of dropout.  All of these courses will also help them pass the nearly here Baccalaureate Exam Simulation. I am also confident the project has helped the parents too, who, for some time, had the chance to set aside the worries regarding some the shortcomings of everyday life.

— Prof. Mariana Plopeanu – Technological High School „Petru Rareș” Bârlad

I feel lucky to benefit from this project. It helped me improve my academic performance and social skills. At the same time,  counseling helped me gain more self-knowledge and a better understanding regarding which jobs will suit me. Therefore, I believe more colleagues should benefit from the project.

— Costel Rareș F.

To me, this project is like a window: a window to success and a better life. I had the opportunity to meet other students, work together and learn new things. Also, the food that was provided was a true blessing and came at the moment I most needed it.

— Elena Z.

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