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Month: august 2016

What will you be? (Personality Test)


I propose below a personality test based on the matrix designed by Robert Kyosaki in his book „The dial money.” He speaks about four main sections: the employee (employee), freelance employer (contractor) and the investor. Below are four questions that you discover what profile you have. 1. Which of the following best characterizes you? a…. continue reading »

The success of the failure


Maybe you will ask: “How can there be success in a failure”? Maybe it will seem strange and paradoxical, but wait a minute and think: if you try to do something, even knowing you’re doing, which is likely to be successful? Exactly … 0. What is the probability to fail not doing a thing? Definitely,… continue reading »

STAR interview method of presentation


Most of us hangs the right (or moves) when you need to talk about themselves. At least once in your life (if you want to retire from the same place) you will be talking about you for an interview. HR Specialists had the idea to use a method of presentation based on a clear scenario,… continue reading »

Personal skills for the future


Give yourself a score from 1 to 5 for each competence described below. The higher your score, the more chance you have of success. Also, if you sit too well you discover that some skills, you have the opportunity to develop a learning plan to improve your performance. All the skills below are educated, dynamic… continue reading »

Personal Development – When to start?


„Exams and works are temporary, education is permanent.” With this in mind, it’s never too early to take care of your personal development, ie, in the Romanian, planning your future in terms of career, family, finances, health and spirituality. It’s important to realize that we need to take care of your physical health and emotional… continue reading »

Five activities for your CV


The first meeting with the labor market for most of us will occur around the age of 23 years. Then all will produce the first disappointment, as the lack of experience is often the main obstacle in getting a job. But we can already start working on our CV since high school. Here are five… continue reading »

10 quotes about education


In what follows, here is a list of the most beautiful and eloquent quotes about education … of which you will learn why math save your life, but you can decide if education means something to you. And, as usual, at the end, please answer with a quote about education that you like and inspires… continue reading »

7 subjects for the life success


Having discipline means, according to some, to do what must be done, even when you do not feel. In other words, make your math homework or chemistry, although you do not like. American author Brian Tracy made a short list of the 7 subjects that ensures success in life. They are: 1. Subject to your… continue reading »

5 movies about leadership


Leadership – a word used too often and too little explained. A phrase we hear in all corners of the world, but that in reality rarely meet. You can learn or be born with leadership qualities? It’s contagious or just a coincidence? It is said that leaders grow leaders. Below are three movies that you… continue reading »

5 biographies to inspire you


It is said that wise people learn from the experiences of others. Below are five true stories more or less romantic, more or less tragic, but certainly carriers of experiences that will impress you. 1. The Diary of Anne Frank The story of Anne Frank is one marked by the sad ending of a Hebrew… continue reading »

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