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5 biographies to inspire you


It is said that wise people learn from the experiences of others. Below are five true stories more or less romantic, more or less tragic, but certainly carriers of experiences that will impress you.
1. The Diary of Anne Frank
The story of Anne Frank is one marked by the sad ending of a Hebrew teenage death camps. It is also a story of maturation of a soul, an expression of feelings that we all have in adolescence, marked by social and historical context in which he lived heroine. One conclusion would be that it’s ok to feel what you feel and that you must always keep your optimism.

2. The Story of San Michele
Such as 18 years to decide that you want to buy an island? And like that after some years even do this? The Story of San Michele talks about a crazy dream about how to accomplish it. The conclusion is that if you want something with all your soul, sooner or later you will get.

3. Steve Jobs
„Steve Jobs – The man who designed the Internet” brings to the fore a legend of entrepreneurship and an expression of the concept of „self-made man”. Among people who changed history and revolutionized information and communications technology, Steve Jobs is probably the most charismatic and humane. If you want to become entrepreneurs via the Internet, his story is mandatory.

4. Benjamin Franklin
Ben Franklin’s principles, one of the most impressive leaders of the eighteenth century, are available today. Perseverance, moderation, lifelong learning, punctuality, respect for self and others are some guiding principles that lead to a successful career.

5. Ghosts of War – The story of a soldier for 19 years
How to survive a war experiences and how you mark it? Soldier just out of adolescence idealism meets reality of war and deep seated prejudices against people affected by the conflict and it and it does not resemble what expectations they have about a young American enemy. Hunger, pain, despair, suffering children, who are killed in raids friends – all this worth it?

I have read biographies or what you like to read?

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