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5 movies about leadership


Leadership – a word used too often and too little explained. A phrase we hear in all corners of the world, but that in reality rarely meet. You can learn or be born with leadership qualities? It’s contagious or just a coincidence?
It is said that leaders grow leaders. Below are three movies that you learn about leadership and that perhaps you will discover you leadership qualities.
1. Harry Potter
As a leader, if not generous and capable of sacrifice? Harry Potter – that’s right, some children – are extracted many of the characteristics of a leader. But perhaps the most important thing to be learned from this series is that no leader, no matter how great he may be, can not break through alone.
2. Lord of the Rings
Paper beats the movie any day, but players selected were good enough to express flawless qualities of a leader. From the style of silent but persistent of Frodo, the fight enthusiastic of Gimli, the calm Unbeaten Aragorn, wisdom wizard Gandalf and vision evil wizard Saruman, cover almost all styles of leadership which was written ever .

3.The Pursuit of Happyness
The film – starring Will Smith in the lead role – shows how perseverance and effort, any man can overcome the condition. From homeless to millionaire, what is missing is solving a Rubik’s cube. Or achieve the impossible. Those who know how hard it solves a Rubik’s cube analogy will understand and impossible. The conclusion is that the leader does not give up. Never.

4. Gladiator
Gladiator is one of the best films ever made about leadership. Besides reminding us that leadership started the military, it shows how confidence in a leader can mean the difference between life and death and how it can change the path of history.

5. The Devil Wears Prada
Sometimes leaders who teach most good things are the evil. Such a leader is described in the book – and movie – The Devil Wears Prada. Based on actual experience and the profile of Anna Wintour, famous critic and fashion editor of Vogue, the film shows how a leader who recognizes the potential in people can and bring out the best in them … Yes, methods are wrong, and yes, finally you wonder if the result was worth the effort?
You who have never watched movies about leadership?

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