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7 subjects for the life success


Having discipline means, according to some, to do what must be done, even when you do not feel. In other words, make your math homework or chemistry, although you do not like.
American author Brian Tracy made a short list of the 7 subjects that ensures success in life. They are:
1. Subject to your proposed targets
2. Subject to plan and organize
3. Subject to set priorities
4. Subject to concentrate on high-value activities
5. Discipline to practice sport and to eat healthy
6. Discipline to learn permanently
7. Discipline of you make time for the important people in your life clock
As a healthy mind can only develop in a healthy body and a healthy body can achieve just making time for exercise, study practice healthy living and nutrition, making such activities usually 7 disciplines are interrelated and can not exist without the other.
Another specialist in time management and discipline of healthy living, Dan Luca, recommends waking up as early and allocation of a „power hour” where you exercise 15 minutes to write in a diary, 15 minutes to read a chapter and you prepare a healthy breakfast and eat on it (plus another 15 minutes to prepare as it takes to eat).
You what do you think? It’s hard to acquire the 7 subjects?

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