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Five activities for your CV


The first meeting with the labor market for most of us will occur around the age of 23 years. Then all will produce the first disappointment, as the lack of experience is often the main obstacle in getting a job.
But we can already start working on our CV since high school. Here are five of the best activities that we can add to our experience of work:

Participation in community activities, school or non-governmental organizations adds experience extremely important. It demonstrates, among other things, initiative and ability to do something without expecting something in return. Volunteering teaches you to manage your time, taking into account all the activities you have done (ie school), but also teamwork and leadership qualities you discover. However, given that voluntary activities taking place within an organized framework, a voluntary agreement can be concluded from the age of 16, may be evidence of experience.

2.Competitions and contests
These activities are not only for those we fondly call „nerds”! They are a good opportunity to overcome emotions and cultivating your competitive spirit and perseverance. Moreover, they help to increase confidence in you.

3.Traineeships or apprenticeships
Most schools involved, through various projects, the development of internships or apprenticeships and creating training firms. Participation in such activities, which are simulating actual activities or put you in real work contexts, it cultivates experience for future jobs and get used robustly addressed head in place.

4.Jobs during holidays
Probably will not be the most relevant jobs in your resume, but any short term experience brings you some key skills employers devoid of lists: workplace communication, management time, attention to customer, and other specific skills, which you may find useful life. As an example, working in a fast food is not too great, but the future could save money because you’ll know how to cook. In addition, it is most palpable experience that you will earn money on their own.

Another form of employment and gaining experience is the development of their own business. Most times, when you grow up, forget or do not have time for the things we are passionate about. High school is as good a time as any to cultivate and passions and earn money from it. The time you have 16-17 years is not the same at 30. So creativity. So, explore entrepreneurial ideas, because you never know who will be your future career.

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