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Five sites good for students(and not only!)

  1. Google Scholar

The list could not help but start with the free service offered by the gigantic Google: Scholar offers full-text search of scientific publications in all formats and disciplines. They can offer assistance to students, for specialized materials or for high school students who want to know more about a topic.


This platform has several functions: it is very good for learning different languages (English, French, German, but also the most common ones, such as Turkish or Chinese).

In addition, there are courses on various topics, such as history, economics, art.

Probably as interesting is the category „Prefessional and Careers” or the one with „standardized tests” – if you select the Romanian language, you can find the model for the Romanian citizenship test.

Although this variant is not necessarily for the Romanian school syllabus, it is a good way to empathize with the people on the stage, through their speeches, to learn about concepts not only known by many, but also to find curiosities.


Like the rest of the examples above, Khan Academy is a site for those who want to deepen certain knowledge or even discover new things from the basic categories. It is also a variant of, but the design of this web page is much easier to access.


To balance the balance, we also propose a site that can help children, especially students who are in their final years of high school. is a site with a very small number of books, exclusively in Romanian, useful to students because volumes are integral. The only minus is that the site does not allow downloading books, but only reading them on the site. An alternative would be, which offers a fairly wide range of books in English, French, Italian or Portuguese. We also recommend the School Library, a Vodafone brand project.

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