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Personal Development – When to start?


„Exams and works are temporary, education is permanent.”
With this in mind, it’s never too early to take care of your personal development, ie, in the Romanian, planning your future in terms of career, family, finances, health and spirituality.
It’s important to realize that we need to take care of your physical health and emotional to worry about spirituality (as you understand your lifetime), and social life, finances and employment.
Any imbalance in your life in one of these areas attract imbalances in all others.
Here are a few examples: when you are sick, you can not enjoy anything around you – any of the things we buy with no money, no work results, no family. As when you have no money, if nothing goes wrong, or when you feel confident in yourself and your forces through a strong belief in what you consider important in the universe, if you can not grab the anything and do anything that you do not like.
Personal development can begin with something as simple as setting a target (and burn it to a blank sheet, possibly with a pen or pencil you like) for every area of life mentioned above. You should not scare you if, after you write your goals, you will notice that many of them lie within a specific area – it’s no problem. This only means that this area is more important to you at this time, and when you’re older, you seek to accomplish objectives rather in other areas of your life.
Why have goals? Why go through the ritual of writing them by hand on a sheet of white, immaculate with a pen that I adore?
Because, says a Harvard University study, 3% of people reach their goals, and 97% never get to fulfill their wishes at the level proposed, or at all. The common features of the objectives of the 3% that succeed are: the objectives are handwritten, are kept close, read every day (some will even rewrite it daily until it becomes a reflex) are written as if it would It has already happened (ie not „want to ….” but „I am ….”) and are SMART – ie specific (what?), measurable (how?), addressable / achievable, realistic and time bound (By when? ).
Take right now a paper and a pencil and write your 5 most important goals!

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