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STAR interview method of presentation


Most of us hangs the right (or moves) when you need to talk about themselves.
At least once in your life (if you want to retire from the same place) you will be talking about you for an interview.

HR Specialists had the idea to use a method of presentation based on a clear scenario, called STAR.
The acronym STAR is based on the following concepts:
S – Situation (Situation) – describes the context or situation where an event occurred.

Task T (requirement) – describe what I was asked in the context of the above mentioned

A – Action (Action) – describe what you have done concretely to solve requirement

R – Result (result) – describes how the story ended, and have 10 points from office if everything went great!

As an example, consider a situation where you had to mediate a conflict.

S – describe how the conflict-

T – describe what has been the role you’ve assumed that you thought you should do

A – describe what you did

R – describe how the conflict has ended.

Good luck!

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