Children and young people at risk and local and regional initiatives to reduce national inequalities
and promote social inclusion

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Technological High School “Nicolae Iorga” Negresti

“You can learn in four ways: for school
for life, for yourself or for anyone”
Nicolae Iorga

Nicolae Iorga – January 17, 1871, Botosani -27 November 1940 Strejnic, jud. Prahova) was a history professor, literary critic, poet, publicist and Romanian politician. A former Member of Parliament, Chairman of the National Assembly after World War I and prime minister between 1931-1932. He passed the childhood in Negreşti during the summer holidays.
He was a founding member of the National Democratic Party (1910) and was assassinated by the Iron Guard group,, „.
– Founded in 1958, our school provides education for pupils 1748
– Covers an area of 1500 km2 (3 counties: Neamt, Vaslui, Iasi) being the sole provider of educational services in the area.
– Curriculum pathway includes both theoretical and technological profile in technical services and environmental protection

Material resources:
– 35 classrooms
– 13 workshops
– 9 laboratories
– 15 school classrooms
– Library with over 22,000 volumes
– Psycho-pedagogical assistance
– Documentation and Information Centre
– Driving School
– gym
– sport fields
– Boarding (300 beds)
– dining
– Reading rooms
Human Resources
94 Teacher of which:
87 teachers including 3 teachers have a PhD and one PhD student
7 foremen
Auxiliary staff of which:
1 librarian
4 pedagogues
1 laboratory teachers
2 Secretaries
2 computer operators
3 financial officers
1 patrimony administrator

European and educational projects
– „Young people and European integration” à Foundation ProWomen
– „Human Trafficking” -2007, 2008
– Socrates Comenius 1 School project „Europe, the European Union and Citizenship after 1989” Liceo Classico preparatory visit to the State, „Carlo Alberto” Novarra, Italy – 2006
– „Integration of high school graduates and agricultural higher education in Romania” Borris à European Institute of Agricultural Management – Denmark 2008
– Intercultural Dialogue ,, as a Means to Develop Creativity and Innovation „- Comenius Multilateral Partnership with 10 partner countries
– „Youth for Europe” in 2007
– „Europa Nostra” – project with partner schools in the Republic of Moldova 2008
– „From small to large to medium entrepreneurship” – 2015
– „Informed decisions on career guidance – DINFO” – 2015
– „Children home alone” supported by Save the Children – 2015-2017
– „I want to be in class IX” supported by World Vision
– „Educational and counseling programs to prevent school dropout in Vaslui County – a school for all and each” – 2015-2016

Parents-school-student relationship
– „Parents School” – a project initiated by Save the Children NGO
– Seminars and debates about issues such as human trafficking, drug abuse, violence in school, drop out, school and professional guidance
– Advice and meetings / sessions with students whose parents are working abroad
School results
Percentage of admissions in higher education:
20% in technical branch
71% on a theoretical branch
Employees at economic partners – 9.7%
Graduate from vocational skills – 98%
High school graduation in 2015 – 60.90%
Difficulties – weaknesses of the school
– The number of children with parents working abroad (215)
– School absenteeism
– Lack (space and commuting students) for effective extracurricular activities
– Poor economic development of the region
– Conducting educational process in two shifts and two locations
– The large number of commuter students (30% of total students)
– The absence of adequate school gyms
Ø This project is very good, educational and helps me do well in subjects included in the project.
(Andreea Sandu, 12)
Ø The support given to this project helps me a lot both in school activities and in terms of financial situation.
(Lazarus Petronel Romică, 11H)
Ø The project helps me both myself and colleagues to better prepare for the baccalaureate, giving us confidence in our forces.
(Adelin Ungureanu, 11I)
Ø I was lucky being selected for this project because I improved my situation at school, frequency and in terms of behavior. It also helps me advice on self-knowledge and a better choice of a profession.
I propose that the project be continued with other series of colleagues.
(Costel Florea-Rares, 11H)

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