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The success of the failure


Maybe you will ask: “How can there be success in a failure”?
Maybe it will seem strange and paradoxical, but wait a minute and think: if you try to do something, even knowing you’re doing, which is likely to be successful?
Exactly … 0.
What is the probability to fail not doing a thing? Definitely, 100%.
Benefits include failures in experience, to cultivate desirable traits such as perseverance, discipline, hard work, and learning by trial and error method … bright
Another benefit of failure is that you become more humble, what makes you human and normal in the eyes of others, especially when those around you have the impression that bad things happen only to them.
Your experience can help someone else overcome a difficult moment, because you discover that you’ve been through something similar and you survived …
Sure you do not have pride in your stories failures, but rather a habit to learn the lesson hidden in every thing that did not go according to plan.
Exercise to learn from their mistakes or failures is called self-evaluation and how best to do this self-assessment is to ask yourself the following questions whenever you think something has gone as you plan:
1) It was this experience a success or a failure?
2) What are three things you have learned from this experience?
3) What will I do differently next time?
If the experience in question is attending a Math Olympiad, where you got a note under the one which I planificasei answers might sound something like this:
1) It was a success that I attended, although the result was not expected of me.
2) 3 benefits of this experience were that I met new people that we tested a new type of problem and that I put in this situation of competition. I learned that I have to work more in Chapter X, be more considerate / D, my better estimate potential.
3) Next time I’ll work at least an extra hour every day and try to find problems more difficult.
What examples can you give about the experiences they’ve seen like total failures, but you extract important lessons? Did it seem longer failures?
You comment!
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