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What will you be? (Personality Test)


I propose below a personality test based on the matrix designed by Robert Kyosaki in his book „The dial money.”
He speaks about four main sections: the employee (employee), freelance employer (contractor) and the investor.
Below are four questions that you discover what profile you have.
1. Which of the following best characterizes you?
a. I prefer to organize my own time and take care of what I like
b. It’s hard for me to organize without external guidance
c. I like to organize people around them and give them things to do
d. I like to organize systems to operate in my absence
2. The thought scares me more:
a. I could lose my job
b. I could lose my skills necessary to perform certain activities
c. I could lose my collaborators
d. I could lose my creativity
3. I am:
a. Man with money
b. One who creates systems
c. The best in my field
d. The one who makes things
4. If I have 1 million, the first thing I would do would be:
a. To invest in me
b. Let’s put the bank
c. To seek business ideas
d. Develop business
Question A B C D
1 Employed Entrepreneur Investor Freelancer
2 Employed Entrepreneur Investor Freelancer
3 Investor Contractor Employee Freelancer
4 Employee Freelancer Investor Entrepreneur
If you want to know more about the 4 profiles and how you can switch from one profile to another, we recommend the book „Quadrant money” by Robert Kyosaki, which you can find on the Internet for free here:
https: //

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