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What would you decide? Cases involving a dilemma

  1. It’s not my garbage

Garbage is a big problem in your school. There were discussions and some classes wrote a series of rules on a big board and signed them seriously – we want our school to be a clean, friendly place and we will put the trash in the trash cans that exist all over the premises. school. You have taken this initiative very seriously, because you do not like the mess and rubbish of others.

During lunch break, you pack a lot of paper bags, fruit peels and even a half-eaten pizza in the school yard – right next to an empty bin. There are many students around, but you do not know if they are responsible for the misery. What are you doing? Do you collect the garbage – or leave it there?

  1. My best friend – drug dealer

Your best friend is suspected of selling drugs on the premises. You know the suspicions are correct. The principal is very concerned about this situation because he wants to protect the students, especially the young ones. Besides, he doesn’t want to see any kind of media reporting. He knows you’re friends, so he calls you in his office.

If you say what you know, your friend will be expelled and can be taken to court. If you don’t confess what you know, you’re breaking the law and you might even have problems. In this situation, a compromise is not possible. Either you tell the director what you know or not.

The situation becomes even more complicated because you do not know what your friend will do. Will he keep quiet? Or might he even confess if he is offered a milder sentence?

  1. My girlfriend wants to catch the train

It’s 6 o’clock in the morning, on a frigid winter day. You took the driver’s license exam three months ago and you didn’t drive much during this time. Now you’re driving a friend by car to the train station. Before you leave, you must remove the ice sheet from the windscreen, and then stop at a gas station on the way.

Now it’s late. The gas station is 3 km away and your girlfriend must catch the train in 10 minutes and must buy a ticket.

The speed limit is 50 km / h, as is usually the case in the city. As you can see, the road is free. „Come on, go a little faster,” your friend tells you. What are you doing?

  1. What bananas to buy?

You want to buy some fruit from a supermarket. There are two types of bananas for sale; both appear to be of good quality – they are ripe and in perfect condition. Some bananas are slightly cheaper than the others. The most expensive ones have a „Fair Trade” label attached and you can read in a brochure that some part of the amount will go directly to supporting small farmers in the countries where the bananas come from. They need capital to grow their banana plantations – for your standards, a very modest amount. What bananas do you buy?

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